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Ptrace blocking child startup [GH ]. Getdents with lseek gives incorrect results. Fix some Win32 interop app hangs, waiting for input on a pipe that has no more data. Additional improvements and bug fixes Console No Console related changes in this release. Fixed WSL Correctly initialize and report uid, gid, and mode for socket file descriptors [GH ] Additional improvements and bug fixes Console No Console related changes in this release.

No change since Build For general Windows information on build visit the Windows Blog. Console No Console related changes in this release. Allow unregistration of partially installed WSL distributions via wslconfig. No change since Syscall Support Below are a list of new or enhanced syscalls that have some implementation in WSL. Windows Folders not recognized by WSL This will make the console properties sheet a lot easier to use.

Fixed No WSL related changes in this release. Fixed xattr related syscalls support getxattr, setxattr, listxattr, removexattr. Additional improvements and bug fixes Build For general Windows information on build visit the Windows Blog. Fixed WSL no longer requires developer mode. Support directory junctions in drvfs.

Handle uninstalling of WSL distribution appx packages. Update procfs to show private and shared mappings. Add ability for wslconfig. Serial device improvements [GH ]. Fixed No WSL related changes in these releases. Fixed Removed apt package maintenance task lxrun. Fixed No WSL changes this week. Fixed Fix for a deadlock when removing a path ending in ".. Fixed Fixed a bug where time 2 would sporadically misbehave. Now return full command line length in WSL process creation notification.

Fixed Fix for bug that broke grep 2. Additional fixes and improvements LTP Results: Known Issue Two known issues: Fixed All bash sessions must now be created at the same permission level. Attempting to start a session at a different level will be blocked. This means admin and non-admin consoles cannot run at the same time. GH , Windows Audit log now reports the image name in process create audit. Now gracefully fail when launching bash. This is a bug in "ip", not WSL. Fixed Due to circumstances beyond our control there are no updates in this build for the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Regularly scheduled updates will resume on the next release. Fixed Improved Pico Process notification for Windows. Additional information found on the WSL Blog. Improved stability with Windows interoperability Fixed error 0x when launching bash. As a quick example, it is now possible for users to run the following commands: Users with existing Locale set during install is now displayed Terminal improvements including bug where redirecting a WSL process to a file does not always work Console lifetime should be tied to bash.

Fixed Fixed an issue that prevented creating WSL user accounts for users with NT usernames that contain spaces or quotes. Known Issue WSL is experiencing an issue with some socket implementations. Fixed Implemented the chroot system call Improvements in inotify including support for notifications generated from Windows applications on DrvFs Correction: Inotify support for changes originating from Windows applications not available at this time.

Socket binding to IPV Regularly scheduled updates will resume in the next release. Fixed Ping now works in consoles which do not have administrator privileges Ping6 now supported, also without administrator privileges Inotify support for files modified through WSL. GH Flags supported: When outside of Bash NTFS will report the files correctly, but unexpected behavior may occur interacting with the files from Windows. The root of each volume i.

Applications like TMUX now supported GH 40 Fixed install issue where user accounts not always created Optimized command line arg structure allowing for extremely long argument list. To create a basic Rectangle , specify a Width , a Height , and a Fill. You can round the corners of a Rectangle. To create rounded corners, specify a value for the RadiusX and RadiusY properties. These properties specify the x-axis and y-axis of an ellipse that defines the curve of the corners.

The maximum allowed value of RadiusX is the Width divided by two and the maximum allowed value of RadiusY is the Height divided by two. The next example creates a Rectangle with a Width of and a Height of We set the StrokeThickness to 3. We set the RadiusX property to 50 and the RadiusY property to 10, which gives the Rectangle rounded corners. If your intention is to create a rectangle shape around other content, it might be better to use Border because it can have child content and will automatically size around that content, rather than using the fixed dimensions for height and width like Rectangle does.

A Border also has the option of having rounded corners if you set the CornerRadius property. On the other hand, a Rectangle is probably a better choice for control composition. A Polygon is a shape with a boundary defined by an arbitrary number of points. The boundary is created by connecting a line from one point to the next, with the last point connected to the first point. The Points property defines the collection of points that make up the boundary.

In XAML, you define the points with a comma-separated list. In code-behind you use a PointCollection to define the points and you add each individual point as a Point value to the collection. The rendering logic for a Polygon assumes that you are defining a closed shape and will connect the end point to the start point implicitly. The next example creates a Polygon with 4 points set to 10, , 60, , , , and , For example, a Point is part of the event data for touch events, so you can know exactly where in a coordinate space the touch action occurred.

A Line is simply a line drawn between two points in coordinate space. A Line ignores any value provided for Fill , because it has no interior space. This enables minimal markup for horizontal or vertical lines. You could then use a TranslateTransform to move the entire Line , if you wanted it to start at a point other than 0,0. A Polyline is similar to a Polygon in that the boundary of the shape is defined by a set of points, except the last point in a Polyline is not connected to the first point.

If you specify a Fill of a Polyline , the Fill paints the interior space of the shape, even if the start point and end point of the Points set for the Polyline do not intersect. If you do not specify a Fill , then the Polyline is similar to what would have rendered if you had specified several individual Line elements where the start points and end points of consecutive lines intersected.

As with a Polygon , the Points property defines the collection of points that make up the boundary. In code-behind, you use a PointCollection to define the points and you add each individual point as a Point structure to the collection.

This example creates a Polyline with four points set to 10, , 60, , , , and , A Stroke is defined but not a Fill. Show all 8 comments Maria Tsibareva. У нас все нормально, как было заявлено, так и в списках. Maria Sokolovskaya replied to Alexander. Alexander Bortnyaev replied to Maria.

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